Leslie Scott


“The servers acted less like ancient space aliens than like monks running a monastic retreat for stressed-out nonbelievers. They glided around in black slippers and flowing black tunics, quiet as ninjas.”


The average guest decides what they think about a person or a product within the first 7 seconds of interaction. That means any service-oriented business has to lead with its staffs’ body language and movement as its primary tool for creating brand loyalty. Far beyond the menu knowledge and protocol, the way in which a step of service gets carrier out, at times, far exceeds the action itself.

With over 15 years of restaurant experience as a Captain and a Sommelier, this movement work was born out of necessity, through work in some of the country’s leading high-end restaurants. Through an exploration of floorplan efficiency, body language’s relationship to guest satisfaction, staff retention and body awareness/safety, and overall concept branding tied to movement, clients can expect a happier, more integrated staff. Course work will be tailored directly to your staff and the space they work in.

Selected Past Clients


  • Large Space • Buddakan NYC 1,000 covers/nt with 16,000sqft of space

  • Small Space • Night Market LA over 400 covers/nt in small East LA hotspot


  • Conceptual • Vespertine, Los Angeles – movement branding for high concept architecturally driven space. Included building movement training for opening staff within a chef-driven, multi-plate, multi-course, multi-floor experience.

  • Michelin Starred • Restaurant Daniel NYC – staff retention and body language work for captains


Providing entrepreneurial training, knowledge, and resources, to artists from all disciplines, industries, and cultural practices.

These workshops will help participants feel empowered to tell their personal and business’s story in an authentic way, for customers, clients, donors, investors, funders, family, and friends.

The Business of You • Ongoing

Creative Marketing and Goal Setting that leads to a fully integrated personal brand.

Being armed with a slew of practical skills is still only half the battle in today's arts economy. As artists we are constantly both the creator/editor and implementer of our own institutional marketing campaigns. This course is designed as a 'big-picture' look at first impressions through headshots, promo videos, websites, performance invites, professional correspondence and social media presence. Stepping back and making sure that all roads are truly leading to our unique creative selves ensures maximum bang for our creative buck. Join us for an interactive seminar on personal branding and goal setting.

Creative Producing • Ongoing

Making successful events in today’s marketplace.

Whether it’s a one-off local event or a large International festival, integrated producing is the foundation for any successful organization and event, regardless of size. Often artists are asked to take on some of these tasks without ever receiving training on some of the industry’s best practices, and strategies. This course can be tailored to a single masterclass or a longer series and will cover topics like budgets, scheduling, personnel, contracts, basics of funding, outreach, and audience engagement. Be an active thought partner.


A dialogue between movement and meaning.

Collaboration Available • Ongoing

Dramaturgy is devoted to three tasks: the ideas which underlie a given piece of performance; the means by which those ideas are communicated – text, structure, image, movement and so on; and the process established to explore, create and refine the work.

I work with artists to provide a platform for discovery, a communal deep dive towards the shared goal of your work in its best form.